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Two kids, a grill, and a tortilla press walk into a farmers market... CHILTE!  Starting in an 10x10 pop up tent we have always aimed to disrupt the industry at every level, whether cooking on the street or in a five-star restaurant. As we lay the ground work for our first brick and mortar we are determined to stay focused on the vision of where we are headed yet never forgetting where we come from.

Food is an intimate universal connection to our past, present, and future. It allows us to immerse ourselves and experience palatable and multicultural art. We aim to bring our unique and inspired expression to the table while allowing the dishes to tell stories untold.


Me Vale is our mantra, representing unapologetic authenticity to ourselves and our mission.  Join us as we strive to inspire a new culture in the culinary industry by sourcing locally, cooking from the heart, mentoring one another, and building our community through food.

- MeVale !

short for chiltepin : small but mighty

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